Wired High Ropes has the state of the art safety equipment. No expense has been spared to ensure that this course is using the safest and the best quality equipment available in the world.

Participants taking the ‘Summit’ vertical challenge are secured in a full body harness at all times, attached through an in-direct belay system, meaning you are safe and secure from the start to the finish on the activity.

Participants on ‘Wired’ are attached to a continuous belay system (CBS) to allow movement over the suspended obstacles course. There is no requirement to unclip from the wire at any time whilst participating in the activity. The maximum number of participants on the course in a single session is 22.

All instructors are highly trained, qualified and experienced in working to the European Ropes Course Association guidelines of instructional techniques.

If you would like to learn more about our safety procedures, risk assessments then please feel free to contact us.

What you need to know

The activities at Wired can be physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. You should be responsible for your own actions and be able understand what each activity involves so that you have the information required to make a sound judgement on the suitability of the activities for yourself or for others in your charge.

You will be required to sign a consent form prior to taking part in the activity, under 18’s will require a guardian to sign for them.

  • For harnessed activities the maximum weight is 100kg, the minimum age is 7 years old and the minimum height is 135cm.
  • All jewellery such as rings, necklaces and long earrings should be removed to avoid injury. Rings that cannot be removed should be taped up and extra care should be taken during activity.
  • Hair should be tied back so that it does not get caught.
  • Footwear should be sturdy and well fitted to avoid ankle injuries. Open toed sandals, flip flops and ‘croc’ type footwear are not suitable for activities.
  • Long sleeves or a t-shirt with long shorts or trousers are better suited to activities and improve comfort when wearing a harness, as well as reduce the chance of grazing injuries if you slip or fall. The Listen carefully to instructions at the zip-landing area to avoid grazing.
  • Use sun-cream and keep covered up to avoid sunburn. Drink water regularly and stay in the shade where possible or take short breaks to avoid heat stroke. Eat and drink before activity to maintain energy levels.
  • Medicines such as inhalers or Epi-pens should be carried by participants if possible; otherwise your instructor may carry it for you. Medicines should be self-administered, unless you are unable to do so. Instructions should be given to your Instructor on how to administer your medicine to you in case of emergency.

All reasonable requests may be met regarding your safety, involvement and enjoyment of your activity. We cater for additional needs where possible, please remind the staff of your additional needs if you have not already done so at the time of booking.

Please inform your Instructor immediately if you have any concerns over safety or questions about what you are required to do during an activity. If you remove your harness for any reason (toilet) it will stay with your Instructor who will refit and check it before you re-join the activity.


Only in the event of the participant being unable to cross the first element will a refund be considered. This is not a guarantee, however, a voucher for the similar value may be produced should the refund not be available. The lead Manager on the day is the sole arbiter of these decisions.

Participants Duration of Activity Limitations

Should a participant initially refuse to start the course, every effort will be made to assist and create a caring and safe environment to encourage the individual along, however, due to safety reasons the following actions may be implemented:

  • Should an individual take more than 20 minutes to begin the course they shall be removed as a safety measure for the individual and instructors.
  • Should an individual complete the Wired course in 40 minutes or longer due to their own fears, they may not be allowed to complete a second circuit due to safety reasons and up coming bookings.

Alcohol and mind altering substances do not mix with outdoor activities, anyone believed to be under the influence of alcohol or mind altering substances will be asked to leave immediately. Instructors hold the right to refuse entry to any person in regards to safety.